Shish Kabab Game

About the Game:

Shish Kabab is a casual arcade game where meat and vegetables fall and you have to catch them with a skewer. Each level you will get a new meat or vegetable unlocked to make your Shish Kabab more delicious. Make sure to avoid hitting bombs! Power ups are available to help you score more.
Let us see how much can you get on a skewer and show off your kebab cooking skills and make your sizzling grill. Play more to get more vegetables, make your own kabab recipe and be the Shish Kabab chef! Great game for food lovers of ethnic bbq grilled food.

Game Features:

  • Single tap interaction.
  • Challenging gameplay.
  • Level up as you score.
  • Unlock vegetables and meats when you level up.
  • 3 Power ups available: slow time, no bombs, extra health.
  • Ability to revive by watching an ad if you’re score is more than 3.
  • Ability to increase your score by +25 by watching an ad.
  • Leaderboard, Game Play Games for Android & Game Center for iOS.
  • A store where you’re able to buy meat, vegetables and skewers.
  • Ability to remove ads from the store for $5 from the store.
  • Ability to retrieve items you bought and items you unlocked.
  • Premium skewers with 2x,3x power to get you a higher score.
The Game will start with the a regular kabab meat and a fat piece. The following will be unlocked as you level up or bought from the store: Tomato, Onion, Beef, Chili, Corn, Green Pepper, Kofta, Mushroom, Sausage, Yellow Pepper, Zucchini. The following skewers can be purchased: Silver Skewer, Gold Skewer, Diamond Skewer, Magical Skewer.

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